Volunteer Opportunities

We’re always looking for volunteers — thank you for your interest! We’ll be updating this page on a regular basis, so please feel free to check back for new opportunities. Cheers!

At the moment, here’s where we have definite needs:

Communications Committee: Sponsorship Committee Liaison

With Direction from our Sponsorship Chair, this person will be responsible for communicating with our event chairs to make sure all sponsors receive deliverables. This may include gathering logo files and other information needed in order to produce sponsor benefits. She will deliver logos to our Print Designer and Web Designer for their needs, and she will also make sure that our Print Designer and Web Designer have current, updated lists of sponsors and needs related to events, our website, etc.

Women of Wine membership required? Yes
Skill set needed: Organization is key here! She should also be personable and professional.
Contact: Denise Ehrlich, President